Death at Netflix



As part of my research for “Films With Cats” I finally got around to watching Harry and Tonto.  A little late, I know.  Hey, I hear what you’re saying.  Just be quiet.  Cut it out.  I watched it, didn’t I?  Geez, give a girl a break.  Ok, if you don’t stop that mumbling I won’t go on with my moral tale.


So I don’t think this will be a spoiler for anyone since the movie is 40 years old.  The cat dies in the end.  Yes, he does.  The love interest of the film; arguably the second lead character.  And I cried.  I love cats, especially orange cats like my Feenie. 



Then I took a look at IMDB for the human actors.  Art Carney is dead.  Maybe not surprising because in that movie he played an old man; yet I do remember when he was a young man, maybe younger than I am now; perhaps younger than I ever was.  And that is really disgusting.  It makes me hate myself, realizing  that I wasted my life while other people have had wonderful acting careers, made dozens of movies, and I still am not making a living as an actor–haven’t broken in yet–and fuck that and fuck me.  But not only Art Carney, who played an old man, is dead.  The guy who played the SON—Larry Hagman—is dead of old age, too.  (I mean, in real life, not like the cat Tonto was dead in the movie, although I will lay odds in Vegas, so sure am I that the cat actor who played Tonto is dead in real life by now.)  So, everybody’s dying, everybody’s old, everybody.  I wonder if somebody who played Larry Hagman’s son in another movie has died of old age, too, and here I am still trying to break in.



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  1. Old friend February 16, 2013 at 7:50 am #


    Self loathing is not healthy. I am sorry you feel that way about yourself. I hope you can be more objective and spend the time you have left loving your pets and finding a way to make a contribution and enjoying this very short life.

  2. shyman February 16, 2013 at 10:39 am #

    Thank you, Old Friend. Yet it is true. My life is a failure, so why not be honest about it?

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