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We are now 16 days from shooting the trailer.  The Washington State Film Board announced in their newsletter that we were shooting, so now all the popular locations (Space Needle, Pike Market, Ban Roll-on Building, Library…) know about us and we won’t be able to “steal” any locations.  Everyone wants permits and insurance.  We are micro-budget and don’t have insurance.  (This is a no-budget trailer since we’re using it to raise funds for the full film, which will be SAG-Indie.)  We could get permits, which are cheap, but for our type of film the permits are normally attached to police attendance and we don’t have the money to pay for cops’ overtime. 

My writing/producing partner is on suicide watch for her 8 year old.  My director is still editing a film that was released 6 months ago.  I only have 2 locations out of 7.  I have no production designer.  My assistant producer is on vacation and I am working 14 hour days at my day job.

On the bright side, I have a caterer and a dog-actor to play the wolf.  I’m sure the dog-actor will eat the food provided by the caterer.  We have a fabulous script for the trailer and for the full film.

Funny thing.  I’m an actor.  As a producer I now realize how unimportant actors are during many phases of a film project. Casting is the last thing on my list.  The movie cannot be made without certain resources: the cinematographer must be great, the editor must be great.  It is much easier, however, to find good or great actors who will work for no pay.

Today, I will be driving around town looking for alleys we can steal and cool office lobbies we can steal.  Maybe the Land Conservancy will return my email/phone calls on Monday.  Maybe I can find a few hundred dollars to rent lights.  Maybe the Mayor’s office will overlook our small crew and cast chasing a wolf in the historic tourist district.

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