Your Character Has More Than One Flaw

Magnolia’s other fatal flaw is idealism.  She has a “black and white” view of the world; doesn’t understand the world in its complexity; thus, is unable to navigate.  Magnolia doesn’t quite get that wolves are connected to the plight of human kind.  We have been interconnected though out our histories.  Some wolves have been and could still be saved by idealists—a dozen here and a dozen there—but if we really understand and care about saving this species then we will understand that it is an economic system that is destroying the planet’s ecology.  If we really understand, then we will unite with a working class in their struggle to survive by getting rid of capitalism; and that is what will ultimately provide the salvation for the planet as a whole.

My question as a screenwriter is whether to let this script be a tragedy or a drama.  Whether to force Magnolia to learn what her true strategy ought to be or to let her fail and die.

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