Character Flaws


My character Magnolia does not understand strategy.  She has a strategy (to save her wolves by making $6,000,000) but does not recognize it as such.  She sees the strategy as equivalent to other tactics.  Thus, seeing each step she takes as a thing unto itself and not part of a strategy, she gets lost when the next tactical step presents itself.  She becomes disconnected from her strategy.  That’s why she gets distracted by machinations and problems at her job—each of those is attacked by her as a problem to be solved equal to the problem of making $6,000,000 to save her wolves.  Ultimately, when she makes a wrong step in dealing with one of these non-essential problems—instead of focusing on keeping her job for six weeks to nail the $6 Million—and she is fired for her error, she loses her entire strategy.  She loses the chance to make $5 Million and she loses the wolf preserve.  My character is brought down by her own fatal flaw.

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