Celebrity Lust

Hubby doesn’t mind //

If I have fantasy sex //

With DiCaprio //


George Clooney Sean Penn //

Johnny Depp Mos Def Brad Pitt //

Bernadette Peters //


Scarlett Johanssen //

Drew Barrymore Brent Spiner //

Or Carlos Andres Gomez //


Sam Shepard  Joan Jett //

Eartha Kitt  Christopher Reeve… //

…well, not any more //


Hubby has a list //

Of those he approves as my //

Fantasy lovers  //


Penelope Cruz //

Queen Latifah Beyonce //

Salma Hayek and… //


Scarlett Johanssen //

Susan Sarandon. Ahem! //

No men on his list! //


…Shmekia Copeland //

That’s way more than a 3-way but  //

They’ll have to take turns //


Smart is sexy //

Richard Dawkins Carl Sagan //

I want your babies //


Sylvia by Nicole  //

Javier Bardem  Lassie //

Flipper  Curious Georg //


Phoenix the Cat Hobbes //

But forget about Calvin //

Man Man Foo Tuff Girl //


Susan Tedeschi //

Robert Downey Junior and //

Any Far Side dog //


This is a long list //

I’ll have to be up all night //

Will Smith  Tim Robbins //


Nick Gravenites //

Paul Butterfield  Heath Ledger //

Too many dead people //


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