Shooting The Trailer: Day 13 (Bad Behaving Actors)

The actor who is playing Walter calls me up.

"Where is Wednesday's shoot?"

Me: "Oh, it's 45 miles outside Seattle at the Tiger Mountain State Forest on the Highway 18 entrance in the upper parking lot near the bathroom."

Walter: "I don't have a car, you know."

He lives 45 miles from Seattle in the exact opposite direction.

Me: "No, I didn't know. How are you getting to the set tomorrow morning 8 AM?"

Him: "Don't worry; I’ll take the bus."

Hours later. Ring ring ring.

Walter: "Can someone pick me up at Tiger Mountain High School?"

Me: "Where is that?"

Him: "In... (Consults his list...) Enumclaw."

We have funny names in Washington State.

Me: "That's 45 miles in yet another wrong direction."

So, I, yes, me, have to call the bus information line and get him the bus schedules to deliver him to a place from whence we can pick him up in the morning. He doesn’t know the phone number to call for bus information. But, don't worry.  Don’t worry…

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