Shooting The Trailer: Day 11

Little film joke I told myself today to get myself in the happy little mood:  "She's such a dumb blonde that on the set she flirts with the writer."

My locations coordinator who has been sick all week called yesterday and promised to be back on the set today. I told her, "The only thing I want you to do is get to the set, get a receipt from me and take it to the place where we rent lavs and pick up my lavs by 6:00 PM."  Where is she? Oh, Kimmie.....  Where are you? It ends up being me, of course, who rushes off to pick up the lavs. My co-producer is busy chatting to all and sundry about her bad hair day and how she did the underwear scene waaaaay last week.

Dixie was wonderful; she cast almost 30 extras and then came on the set and wrangled all the extras, including costumes, makeup, costume changes, scenes, 2nd AD work. And, she's simultaneously rehearsing for a run and production designing another film. With no car and no phone. She MUST be in her twenties: no other explanation.

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