Shooting The Trailer: Day 10

Wrapped principal photography today.  Only two more scenes to shoot with landscapes and the wolf or wolves.  Sometime next month.

I was sad: I wanted to take the remaining crew to lunch, but they all rushed off to other projects. They are doing this 48-hour film challenge this weekend. Nuts.  They are crazy.  Either they are nuts or ...everyone did end up hating me, just as I had feared.

And my location scout ran away with my roll of quarters.

Good thing we wrapped, because my stinking job had the balls to call me to come back to work this afternoon.  They knew I was on vacation for three days this week. Bastards. Well, I want them to want me, so that I can keep the job and pay for this trailer.  Bastards.

These work creatures only see me with messy hair and jeans and no makeup, so when I showed up with a skirt and lipstick, my boss was quite fascinated and spent an hour uncharacteristically chatting to me about...just "stuff." Hmmm...must make use of that little piece of knowledge.


2 Responses to Shooting The Trailer: Day 10

  1. Old friend April 22, 2012 at 6:47 am #

    I will be glad when this “Shooting the trailer” stuff is over. Enough already. Move on. We get it; you made a trailer and the first six days were funny and informative.

    I do enjoy reading most of your stuff.

    • shyman April 22, 2012 at 9:32 am #

      Dear Old Friend,

      Thanks for reading. There are only a few more days of shooting the trailer. Then…post production! 🙂


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