Shooting The Trailer: Day 8

Thursday I called the set designer for 9:30 AM so she could put up all the leaves, branches, twigs, rocks, pelts and bones before the camera department arrived.  Of course, once she spent 90 minutes putting up the set, our director arrived and changed everything.  Okay, that's 3 hours extra space rental fee at the theatre lab because we stayed longer. Should have gotten that slimy motel room, after all--they charge by the day and we would have been better off financially. Of course, in the room at the theater lab, I see a mattress upon which I’ve played many a scene in class; a portable door behind which I’ve sat crying, a table at which I sat to be put to death by lethal injection; thus, many warm feelings of good rehearsals. PLUS, they actually loan us their business phone from the office when we need a set piece. So, it was a better choice for location after all.

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