Shooting The Trailer: Day 7

The director spent an hour on an extra, making him go through activity that we'll probably not use at all; it was not in the script. I guess he is now a featured extra, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! But he will not be in the edited version. And that pisses me off, because the director said he'd like to have a surveyor, so we found one that was supposed to bring his own transit (that's the survey thingie on a tripod) but he did not have his own transit so we had to rent one; and then he came yesterday by mistake, when he was not scheduled; so we now have to pay for his transit rental for two days instead of one and i don't see where that footage would go.

I am thinking our director is making someone else's movie. He thinks the supporting actress is much prettier than the lead.  He hardly took any close-ups of the lead, and--in some of what i consider key plot point scenes—where the lead was in a two-shot with another character, he only shot the lead from the back. Well, maybe, just maybe, it will turn out okay despite his biases.

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