Shooting The Trailer: Wrap (Once More unto the Breach)

I stand in awe of all the artists who brought their gifts to my film.  In awe of the creative artistry in this town and the wonderful, collaborative spirit that has brought so many photographers, videographers, graphic designers, illustrators, animators and film editors to offer to work on my first script as a writer-producer.


The work these people have done is heart-stopping; their gifts are manifest; yet they offer their hearts and their work to me.


This week I am in tears every day.


I cry.  I take my own actor’s sensitivity into my work as a producer and I cry in the production office.  Later I take my awe and amazement and appreciation as the writer-producer, translate that into my work as an actor, and I cry again.


After my previous shoot, I had vowed out loud to many, many people that I would never produce indie again.  Yet, here I am…dear friends, once more.

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