Shooting the Trailer: Day 4 afternoon

4:30 PM.  Arrive at second location.  The Caterer has fallen and cracked her elbow.  Somebody gives her a Vicodin and she will be loopy for the rest of the day.

4:40 PM.  Our director likes the look of a restaurant on the same block as the previously planned city park location for this Scene 13.  We had not approached the restaurant about using their location, but Director walks in and gets them to give us electricity and let us do crazy things on their sidewalk in front of their large, beautiful window.  Just like that!

6:00 PM.  A delivery man walks into one take.  He spikes the camera and says, “You can have a delivery guy in the film, right?”

6:25 PM.  Actor playing Cop twists the arm of Actor playing Abby.  She starts crying for real.  Director says, “Circle that one.”

8:30 PM.  When I return to my automobile at the end of the day, I see that someone has left in my back seat a box with:

  1. a stuffed rainbow trout of not particularly impressive size or looks
  2. a baseball uniform
  3. a plastic gun
  4. matching pink lace bras in five sizes
  5. DAT cables
  6. men’s long underwear

I have no idea who left this box for me, nor most of the items in it.  Did they all arrive together?  Or did various people bringing various items all leave them in the same box at various times of the day?

  1. no idea; no clue.  Someone else’s film?
  2. no idea; no clue.  An extra forgot his clothes and went home naked?
  3. is for tomorrow’s video game scene.
  4. a proposition?  From my husband?  A stalker?
  5. obviously is for Scott or his assistant—but why it’s in a box of wardrobe and hand props in MY car, who knows?
  6. all I can say is, “The Costume Designer must have some weird thing going on the side.”

All will be revealed to me tomorrow.  I am sure.

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