Shooting The Trailer: Day 4 morning

1:00 AM.  Makeup emails me.  She has a paid gig tomorrow to do a voice-over.  Not makeup for a voice-over, ha, ha: she’s also a voice actor.  Everyone on this film is a triple hyphenate.  It was a last minute call for her.  She won’t be on set tomorrow at 8:00 AM.

8:00 AM.  Call time for crew.

8:15 AM.  DP calls me on my cell.  His camera is locked in Dave’s apartment and Dave is not answering the bell.

8:45 AM.  DP calls.  Can I please get a #73 Partytime Violet gel for him at Marty’s (specifically not at the other camera place) for tomorrow’s shoot?

9:00 A.M. 25 Extras arrive.  They are to run down an alley and scream while chasing a wolf.  This scene is scheduled to shoot at 9:30 and wrap at 11:30.

9:15 AM.  The AD and the Director are watching porn on a portable DVD player in the AD’s car.  I ask the AD to call the DP.

9:18 AM.  The DP is now trying to climb in the window of Dave’s apartment.

10:00 AM.  DP is borrowing a camera from Chris.  He will be here as soon as he can.

10:30 AM.  We are shooting this scene in an alley.  There are no bathrooms; we figured people could hold it for two hours; then we could release the extras while the principal cast & the crew could go to the next location and use the bathrooms there.  However, the extras have been drinking Crafty’s coffee for an hour and now they have to pee.  I buy a not-in-the-budget $100 Tully’s Coffee card and send everyone over there to drink lattes and use their bathroom.

10:45 AM.  Skadi, the dog who is playing the Wolf, wants Tully’s, too.  Not coffee; just croissants.  She licks my face.

11:00 AM.  The DP will be here at noon with a borrowed camera.  We are now three hours off schedule.

11:15 AM.  I drive to Marty’s for the gel.  They do not have Partytime Violet; they do not have #73.  I call the Gaffer; his cell phone rings and rings.  I call the DP; his cell phone goes straight to voicemail.  So, I buy 10 different gels in the violet range.  Also unbudgeted.

12:05 PM.  Since we’re in an alley, we’re stealing electricity from an outside outlet belonging to who-knows-whom.  The team plugs in the lights, camera, audio gear and monitor.  The lights blow.

12:45 PM.  Camera gang sets up the shots without lights.

12: 50 PM.  Monitor won’t power up.

12: 54 PM.  The Director can use the on-board monitor.

12:55 PM.  The outlet where we have the audio deck plugged in begins to sizzle.

12:58 PM.  Sound Recordist will run on batteries.

1:20 PM.  Roll tape.  Roll sound.  Action.

1:21 PM.  Batteries on the audio deck are out.

1:22 PM.  Okay, the scene has no dialog; just screaming and barking.  We can ADR all that.  Or whatever.

1:26 PM.  Roll tape.  Action.

1:28 PM.  It turns out Skadi the Dog LOVES this scene.  “Chase me, chase me!”  She turns around and jumps on me and knocks me down to top off the game of chase with a little mud wrestling.  Did I mention she weighs 130 pounds?  She slurps my face.  “Bark, bark, bark.”

1:30 PM.  A little frizzy dog inside one of the buildings is looking out the window longingly, scratching the window, “Let me out, I wanna be chased, too.  I wanna knock people down, too.”

1:36 PM.  Roll tape.  Action.

1:40 PM.  Re-set camera.

1:58 PM.  Roll tape.  Action.

2:03 PM.  Another $100 coffee card and more peeing.

3:30 PM.  Wrap this location.  Four hours late.


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