Shooting the Trailer: Day 2

The 2nd day of shooting was short.  I got sick on set, but was able to go back to my day job the next day.  However, I was so feverish that I had to leave early, earning me the wrath of my bosses, whose only life is producing television commercials, not art.

Friday I could not get out of bed at all, earning me more wrath from my day job and a bunch of disappointment from the film team.  I emailed my director, co-writer and AD, asking for one of them to take over some of the paperwork for scheduling Monday’s shoot.  I got back no answer at all from one of them, a snot-mail from another, and my co-writer graciously picked up the set dressing.  This pisses me off no end.  It’s not my damn project; it’s all of our project.  Why do I end up being solely responsible for all the producer work?  I have not had any time to do actor prep, yet my co-writer, who does very little producer work, spends her time prepping her character.

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