Shooting The Trailer: Day 1

The 1st day of shooting went well. We actually had a grip working on set–what a concept. The owner of the space, about whom we were all worried, ended up being fine with us shooting there all night.

The bizarre thing was—this scene was shot in an Internet gaming club.  The patrons paid absolutely no attention to us. They were so wrapped up in their fantasy worlds of Internet games that not a single one of them even looked at what we were doing in the middle of the club for six hours–huge lights and camera gear and dollies and noise and food and makeup artists. It was quite strange. Okay, filmmaking is only another sort of fantasy, but still…no interest at all? I swear.

We were worried about how to close the set when we had the nude scene; and we figured out a complicated screen to put up; but, in the end, the patrons—young men in their late teens and early twenties—paid no attention to the naked actress, either.

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