Shooting The Trailer: Preproduction Day 3

  • Today I met with a great sound designer.  He has been in bands and recorded his music for years; and is now getting into film sound.


  • Today I met a sculptor / digital artist who wants to help with production design.


  • Today I talked to an experienced film production designer who wants to help.


  • Today I met a PA who wants to be behind the camera–too dang bad for him.


  • Today I met another PA, but both my assistant producer and I think he will flake out when he gets bored.  We can’t hire PAs who will flake out.


  • Today I got lost scouting exteriors up in the mountains.  I still lust after the private property.  How can we steal it and not get in trouble?  Oh, the views, the fog, the dramatic extremes, the crags and valleys, the rotted logs, the mud.  Drool.


  • Today my assistant producer finished all her tasks and asked for more work!


  • Today my co-producer also asked for more work, even though she was shooting pickups for another project.


  • Today my extras coordinator got me enough extras for every scene.  Even enough Chinese men to play software geeks.


  • Today I talked a colleague from my day job into being a driver and picking up my caterer every day.


  • Today I had to go into work at my day job.  Why on the weekends too?  Because they expect us to be totally dedicated to the job, like a religious cult.  At work I got into a fight with the CEO.  Stupid me.  Perhaps I should decline to go in on the weekends any more.  I’m sure my boss will yell at me tomorrow.  Screw them all.


  • Today my husband asked when he would see me again.  He said maybe in three months when I’m finished with this shoot.


  • Today I realized I haven’t been to acting class for months and I worry that I am out of shape and will be a horrible actor.


  • Today I realized that working in the corporate world has eaten away my insides.


  • Today I feel like a shell.


  • Today I regret my age, my wrinkles, my hair, my bad attitude, my brains.


  • Today I was shocked to find that my long-time friend’s daughter has been an actress for 20 years.  How old does that make me?


  • Today my long-time friend, the actress’ mother, died a drunk sitting on a curb outside the MoonPie Bar.


  • Today I love my craft and my life.


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  1. Old friend January 14, 2012 at 8:03 am #

    Today I read your Blog and wondered what will happen to you tomorrow.

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