Bad Writing

Romance novels, lazy writing.


“She tucked into her dessert.”


WTF does that over-used, under-descriptive verb mean?

  • Did she inhale her dessert, swallowing it so fast she had no time to chew?
  • Did she toy with her dessert, poking it and prodding it but not taking very many spoonfuls?
  • Did she gobble her dessert, making sloppy noises and rushing as if she were starving?
  • Did she lick her dessert, sensually sending messages to all watchers about the skillful use of her tongue?
  • How about attack?
  • Did she demolish it?
  • Did she routinely and methodically, yet completely, work at her dessert?
  • Did she play with it?
  • Did she pretend to eat it?
  • Did she lose herself in the dish of gelato?
  • Maybe she scarcely acknowledged the sherry-soaked, creme fraiche-stuffed, pistachio-topped apricots?


Be specific.  Be fucking specific.  That’s what we are taught as actors.  If it’s vague, it doesn’t “read.”  It’s meaningless if it’s general.  It’s lazy and not effective.


Oh, yeah, screenwriters, I’m talking to you, too 🙂

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