Star Trek: The Next Generation


Was Gene Roddenberry a socialist?


1)  Everyone has a job they love.

2)  Everyone has a job.

3)  Money doesn’t exist.

4)  Our mission is to explore and learn, not to conquer new worlds.

5)  Respect for all life.

6)  Free healthcare.

7)  Free healthy food.

8)  Leaders have their position because of their good judgement, not because of a large campaign fund.

9)  No job is “more equal” than another job.  Even the bartender, if she has knowledge of a subject, can come to the senior officers’ meeting and express her views.



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  1. Old friend December 12, 2011 at 10:35 am #

    Gene Roddenberry called himself a humanist. He was against the exploitation of people and all species.
    It was very clear from his writings that he believed in the sovereignty of all other planets. The Federation did not invade other planets so as to steel their natural resources. He believed in a cooperative society not one based on economic competition. The wonderful technology they had was used to benefit everyone and not just the few. It was used to feed, cloth, house, educated, provide health care, etc, for all.

    If we want our planet to survive, then it would behoove us to adopt Gene Roddenberry’s philosophy regardless of the label.

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