Dream / Parable

All my life I had to struggle.

All my life I had this notion that I was somebody, someone famous, someone who had done something important, someone who had a suite and a yacht named after me.

I never knew anything and I never had any friends —>

—> and I fell down a cliff with a leather jacket and no other clothes because I had gone to take a walk because the dog was using the bathtub.  While I was in there.  Nobody would help me up the cliff.  I made it to a bar where the bartender said she’d make me a great drink for the end of my life.  And then the bartender asked me how my life had been.  I told her it had been shitty.

She said, “Did you ever use the secret word?

I said, “I don’t really know about it.”

She said. “It was always there for you.”

I told her that I had missed that part of the informational lecture because I’d fallen down a cliff.

So, I was always somebody; I was always somebody wonderful; I always had a lot to contribute:  I just didn’t know how to ask for the help to get there.

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