Words I Have Learned

  • Asshat: The 20/30-something crowd uses this word to substitute for the time-worn and well-used “asshole.”  “Asshat” is more about stupid or goofy; whereas “asshole” implies mean or conniving.


  • Boasterous: Braggadocious.


  • Dickappointment: Many women get this feeling when a new boyfriend first takes his pants off.


  • Expurtulate: To explain something with great ferocity or lots of spit.


  • Fuxored:  A common tech geek word which means the same as FUBAR or SNAFU.


  • Gestalte Fish: A snack that your Jewish friend the shrink serves before dinner.


  • Gomulate:  When you can’t find a word that you need, you gomulate a few syllables around in your mouth.  Gum + formulate.

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