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Films About Cats

  Readers have been asking—nay, begging—me to collect films about cats.  Films where a cat is the main character.  Dear readers, you may disagree with some of my choices below, but I feel that in all these movies I have selected, the cat is the main character and I will defend my choices.  If you […]

Producing for Indie is Tragedy and Comedy All at Once

Craigslist …or Craig’s Silt, as regards film production.  My professional film friends tell me they occasionally get paid film work from Craigslist.  I didn’t believe it, but, I decided to try it out.  I saw an ad saying, “Seeking all crew for a murder mystery documentary.”  No company name was provided, not a web site, […]

Stage Directions

Dear Screenwriter,   Don’t put line readings into your script.  The actor doesn’t need them.  The actor is not stupid.    Do you need to write, “…she said intently, picking her teeth while smiling a fake smile”?  No, you don’t need to.  If the character and plot are developed, the actor KNOWS that she has […]

Dear To Whom It May Etcetera

Dear Head Moose,   Please consider my application to be a stand-up kvetch at your next convention.  You might enjoy my making fun of the suffering of others.  I have never performed stand-up.  Usually I insult my immediate family.  I had a bad childhood and lack the social skills necessary to hold up my end […]

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