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Trifecta of Death

I farted and belched while I was doing yoga.  Supposedly if you do that you will die immediately.  No, it is probably sneezing, hiccuping and choking on a doughnut that will get your heart stopped. Most actors do yoga to strengthen their physical instruments and to learn to focus their intentions. Not me.  I do […]

Why I Am A Screenwriter, Part II

2.  It’s my crazy family.     Fiction.  NOT. How can you not write fiction when life hands you material?   My Christmas from hell.  The first time I met my new family-in-law.   The dog bit the baby, who had to be rushed to the hospital.  We put the dog in the back yard, […]

Why I Am a Screenwriter, Part I

  1. It’s the insane people I have met. Fiction.  NOT. How can you not write fiction when life hands you material?   People.  They drive me nuts. Saul Pwanson (formerly Paul Swanson) won’t speak to me.  He unfriended me on Facebook after I pointed out that he had collected signatures on an initiative petition […]

Day Jobs: Just Not Getting It

Oh, yeah, me, too.  I am one of those creative types (actors, comedians, writers) who cannot keep a day job. I was fired from one paper-pushing job because I did–in 2 hours–the work the previous person had taken all day doing; then I went around helping other people.  But, this made the person who picked […]

Letters From My Readers

Dear Michelle, You wrote about your temp job: “The morons who run the joint are so disorganized that I can spend all day writing my screenplay and get paid for it.” Are you joking?  Don’t you think that is dishonest of you?  Shouldn’t you work for your money like the rest of us? Rusty Dear […]

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