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Comedy is Sad

It is hard to lose pets.  Kidney failure can be painful for the animal.   So, how to make art out of all this?  Well, I, for example, have kept all my dead pets in Tupperware containers for years.  I am not quite sure why I do it: affectation of a vampiresque lifestyle?  So I […]

Dear Ooey Gooey Person

Megan asks me, “Why is everything a struggle?  Why are you making a film about the farm workers effort to be paid fair wages?  Why can’t we just all be mellow?” Allan tells me, “There does not need to be a wrong to be righted. Just write a pitch where people do good things without […]

Your Character Has More Than One Flaw

Magnolia’s other fatal flaw is idealism.  She has a “black and white” view of the world; doesn’t understand the world in its complexity; thus, is unable to navigate.  Magnolia doesn’t quite get that wolves are connected to the plight of human kind.  We have been interconnected though out our histories.  Some wolves have been and […]

Character Flaws

  My character Magnolia does not understand strategy.  She has a strategy (to save her wolves by making $6,000,000) but does not recognize it as such.  She sees the strategy as equivalent to other tactics.  Thus, seeing each step she takes as a thing unto itself and not part of a strategy, she gets lost […]

35th Street Assholes

Here is the story of a rude audition, a disrespectful production process and the fallout which the producers encountered. This was in a secondary market.  The project was an indie TV series to be broadcast on public access and then the most successful episode was to be used to pitch broadcast distributors. The folks running […]

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