Archive | April, 2012

Shooting The Trailer: Day 11

Little film joke I told myself today to get myself in the happy little mood:  “She’s such a dumb blonde that on the set she flirts with the writer.” My locations coordinator who has been sick all week called yesterday and promised to be back on the set today. I told her, “The only thing […]

Shooting The Trailer: Day 10

Wrapped principal photography today.  Only two more scenes to shoot with landscapes and the wolf or wolves.  Sometime next month. I was sad: I wanted to take the remaining crew to lunch, but they all rushed off to other projects. They are doing this 48-hour film challenge this weekend. Nuts.  They are crazy.  Either they […]

Shooting The Trailer: Day 8

Thursday I called the set designer for 9:30 AM so she could put up all the leaves, branches, twigs, rocks, pelts and bones before the camera department arrived.  Of course, once she spent 90 minutes putting up the set, our director arrived and changed everything.  Okay, that’s 3 hours extra space rental fee at the […]

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