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Shooting The Trailer: Day 7

The director spent an hour on an extra, making him go through activity that we’ll probably not use at all; it was not in the script. I guess he is now a featured extra, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! But he will not be in the edited version. And that pisses me off, because the […]

Shooting The Trailer: Day 6

Our shotgun toting llama rancher gave mediocre performances. She doesn’t go anywhere with her inner life. The best take of her is a closeup on a spider web, rack to her before she says anything. I guess we’ll leave her dialog on the cutting room floor. Rehearsed with the Walter character for hours.  Finally got […]

Shooting the Trailer (The PA’s)

The PA’s, oh my god, the PA’s. Jian—I hope you’re not reading this, dude—was someone I had met at a day job.  He loved the idea of being on a film set.  Jian thought—but didn’t express to me before I hired him—was that his job was somehow supposed to consist of hanging out on set […]

Shooting The Trailer: Day 5

Wednesday was my day to be an actor. My writing partner played producer and PA today. Michelle Actor speaking: I gave three transcendent performances in two separate scenes.   Michelle Producer speaking: Good, all you need is one good take of each scene. I attribute my ability to give great performances partially to relinquishing producer […]

Shooting the Trailer: Day 4 afternoon

4:30 PM.  Arrive at second location.  The Caterer has fallen and cracked her elbow.  Somebody gives her a Vicodin and she will be loopy for the rest of the day. 4:40 PM.  Our director likes the look of a restaurant on the same block as the previously planned city park location for this Scene 13.  […]

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