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Shooting The Trailer: Day 4 morning

1:00 AM.  Makeup emails me.  She has a paid gig tomorrow to do a voice-over.  Not makeup for a voice-over, ha, ha: she’s also a voice actor.  Everyone on this film is a triple hyphenate.  It was a last minute call for her.  She won’t be on set tomorrow at 8:00 AM. 8:00 AM.  Call […]

Alba Goes Eco (sponsored post)

  Yep, even if my husband didn’t have a mad crush on Jessica Alba … …and even if The Honest Company hadn’t asked me to write this post… …and even though I like Alba’s darker brunette color better than that almost-blond look she’s got going lately…. …I totally think this is SUPER cool. I love […]

Shooting The Trailer: Day 3

We are now four scenes behind as we go into next week’s shooting. We were kicked out of two locations we tried to steal for Scene 14; the set designers disappeared off the face of the earth for Scene 5, we were denied the location for Scenes 1 and 7 and cannot attempt to steal […]

Shooting the Trailer: Day 2

The 2nd day of shooting was short.  I got sick on set, but was able to go back to my day job the next day.  However, I was so feverish that I had to leave early, earning me the wrath of my bosses, whose only life is producing television commercials, not art. Friday I could […]

Shooting The Trailer: Day 1

The 1st day of shooting went well. We actually had a grip working on set–what a concept. The owner of the space, about whom we were all worried, ended up being fine with us shooting there all night. The bizarre thing was—this scene was shot in an Internet gaming club.  The patrons paid absolutely no […]

Shooting The Trailer: Preproduction Day 7

Set designers #7 and #8   Lastly, divine or satanic intervention or perhaps the universal god of stand-up comedy sends us Chris.  Unbelievable how professional he was.  Chris shows up at a rehearsal with his assistant Dan.  They have printed the script and 3-hole punched it into notebooks.  They have brought boxes of swatches of […]

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