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Shooting The Trailer: Preproduction Day 6

Oh, dear.  Maybe I should try a different coffee shop for these meetings; change my karma.   4)  Jerrie found us on a theater site where we had posted a casting notice.  She took the initiative to call me and ask if we needed a Set Designer.   “Oh, yes, do we ever!”   Jerrie […]

Shooting The Trailer: Preproduction Day 5

We Hunt for a Set Designer 1)      First we were promised the famous Eloise, who had just finished a fully-funded feature.  Our  Director, who had just worked with Eloise on the other film, said Eloise was locked in; Eloise was all over it; she was down with it; she was on board; she was not […]

Shooting The Trailer: Preproduction Day 4

I wanted to do “The Making Of” as a marketing tool.  There’s a local reporter with whom I have a tenuous connection. She does business news but wants to do art news. Perhaps a story of a laid-off tech worker changing careers to become a filmmaker would both tweak her interest and be a story […]

Shooting The Trailer: Preproduction Day 3

Today I met with a great sound designer.  He has been in bands and recorded his music for years; and is now getting into film sound.   Today I met a sculptor / digital artist who wants to help with production design.   Today I talked to an experienced film production designer who wants to […]

Shooting The Trailer: Preproduction Day 2

Today I scouted an exterior location.  The owners of the property are willing to work with us; they may even have wolves we can film.  They are lovely, wonderful people. I am afraid, however, that my Director and Cinematographer will say the shots are not cinematic enough.  It certainly is not as spectacular as the […]

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