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Shooting The Trailer: Preproduction Day 1

Today I got up at 3:00 AM to scout locations.  Drove 300 miles, sweating with a fever, looking for a perfect place to replace the location that said, “No.”  No location was perfect.   Mt. Rainier was very close to good. I took a ton of test footage; but it’s so far away that it […]

Dear To Whom It May Et Cetera

The Red Queen said, “We should all try to imagine at least three impossible things before breakfast.” Similarly, I believe, we should all try to speculate wildly on the inner mental calisthenics of everyone we meet. At the least, it gives us exercise as generative & interpretive artists. At the top of the game, it […]

Struggling Screenwriter, Part Three of One Zillion

Now, we’re at the 9th draft.  It took me two years to have it click: to understand how to combine my imagination and my unique story with the rules of good visual storytelling.  I finally know, after two years of writing this, how to write a great screenplay.   Right now—well  not RIGHT now: right […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation

  Was Gene Roddenberry a socialist?   1)  Everyone has a job they love. 2)  Everyone has a job. 3)  Money doesn’t exist. 4)  Our mission is to explore and learn, not to conquer new worlds. 5)  Respect for all life. 6)  Free healthcare. 7)  Free healthy food. 8)  Leaders have their position because of […]

The Self Referential List, Part Five

  Films about making films The Bad and the Beautiful What Just Happened The Deal   Films about actors At first i thought Tootsie was just more stupid, repetitive, been-there-done-that cross-dressing and I refused to see it.  Then I read the script.  It’s funny.  More than that, it touches the heart because it’s about someone […]

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