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We’re shooting a scene where the Army Chaplain knocks on the door and tells Laurie that her son was killed.   I’m wrapped for the day and I’m hanging around on set watching everyone work.  I’m like a cat: love to watch other people work.   Short scene.  They sit at the kitchen table.  Some […]

Finding Money for Indie

Finally I had the balls to call one of my potential investors–rich guy I used to work for in the high tech world.  He hates me.  Everyone hates me.  He’s started four companies since I last worked for him and he’s never invited me to come to work at any of them. It’s hard to […]

Sad = Comedy

  People ask, “You are so funny, Michelle.  Where on earth do you get your ideas?” How real life informs my comedy act.   Doesn’t Quite Get It Walking with their dog, a young couple. The dog, a terrier, is off leash.  Terriers were originally bred to hunt rats. The dog leaps on a ground […]

Struggling Screenwriter, Part Two of One Zillion

  …Continued from yesterday In the next draft of the first screenplay we wrote as a team, we bounced from one mistake–funny action scenes that did not advance the plot or the character development–to a new mistake: TMD (Too Much Dialog.)  We had lots of speechifying in which the characters explained their intentions.  Maybe we […]

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