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Struggling Screenwriter, Part One of One Zillion

When my co-writer and I started our feature-length black comedy, we wrote a bunch of anecdotes that cracked us up whenever we told them to each other. They were funny; they took place in the imaginary circumstances; yet they did not hold together in a good plot. It was a necessary first step.  The anecdotes […]

Bad Writing Part Three Zillion: On The Nose

The screenwriter can and should avoid giving direction to the actors.  You write the story; let the actors create the characters.   One way to do avoid giving direction to actors,  while still getting the story across,  is to write vague actions. Example Version 1     MAGNOLIA Do you like the idea?   Abby […]

Occupy History, Occupy Consciousness

In the midst of all this revolt and dissatisfaction, sometimes, still, when I raise a discussion with performing artists about  how artists can become more relevant to modern times; how we can expand our role, how we can address larger issues, that all the responses are along the lines of (gross exaggerating follows here), “But […]

Dream / Parable

All my life I had to struggle. All my life I had this notion that I was somebody, someone famous, someone who had done something important, someone who had a suite and a yacht named after me. I never knew anything and I never had any friends —> —> and I fell down a cliff […]

Dear To Whom It May Etcetera

To Whom It May Concern, Please consider my formal application to be the stand-up comic at your upcoming groundwater filtration convention. I am skilled in whining, blaming others for my faults, exaggeration, jokes about bodily functions, cruel sarcasm and primal screaming. Sincerely yours, Michelle Shyman  

Crazy Boss Man Goes to France

Business planning Crazy Boss Man in A Large International Corporation says to me, “We need to document the business requirements from the French subsidiary.” I say to Crazy Boss Man in A Large International Corporation, “We have 4 documents from earlier this year detailing these requirements…about 20 pages each.  But they are in French; I’m […]

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