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When Good Actors Go Bad…

…they write romance novels. What is happening to performing artists nowadays?  Have their standards disintegrated?  What became of the starving artist, pure in intent, determined at all costs never to compromise, never to take a straight job…or even another creative job?  What of capital-A Acting Art, to be spoken of loftily at dinner parties: is […]

Indie Low Budget

Artie: Auteur Every year since 2004 Artie has been emailing me (UPM on his indie short film) to find out how much he owes people for mileage. Artie never pays.  Every year he seems shocked at how much money it cost folks to drive to his set. No one got paid for their labor on […]

I Am An Actor

I Am An Actor Here I come, in from left field. Can’t help it: I just have strange neuron firing patterns. Actors fall in love easily I love the way Bobby, my director in “The Cherry Garden” is so passionate about art.  Bobby refuses to allow that every opinion is valid.  He is convinced there […]

Fool for Love

My friend Anne once gave a performance of “Fool for Love” for an audience of two. This news had me freaking out that my upcoming run might be undersold. So, here’s the message I sent to my mailing list: “Come see me in Taming of the Shrew at the {theater.} You know me, the sarcastic […]

The Transformative Power of Drama

  You may remember my friend Lisa the actor.  You may not remember my friend Lisa the actor.  In either case, I am about to tell you of her further adventures.  Adventures wildly beyond. Lisa, as you may or may not  remember, spent the summer after her freshman year working in a psych hospital.  She […]

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