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Judging a Student Film Festival

  The slapstick horror of a pop quiz, averted by the magic do-all jacket, out of the pockets of which pop a math whiz, a cheerleading squad, a circular saw, two ferrets, a tattoo artist and the Hubble. The protagonist receives an A from the teacher and the 3-minute film receives 5 stars from the […]

One Woman Performance Art

Anything with Barbies ™ is High Art.  These dolls are so iconic. Humans are highly overrated as story-telling mediums. I want to use Barbies in a stage piece I’m writing called “Julie Lewis in the Circle”. I meant, “I want to abuse Barbies in the stage piece I’m writing.” Ruin them. Utterly.  The things one […]

W.B. Yeats

  The Tower by W.B. Yeats   The wreck of body, slow decay of blood Testy delirium Or dull decrepitude Or what worse that will come The death of friends   Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen by W.B. Yeats   III …but now That winds of winter blow Learn that we were crack-pated when we dreamed. […]

William Shatner, Rescue Me

I just added notes to about an un-aired episode of RESCUE 911, shot many years ago, and it brought back memories in a flood, memories of how we shot the reenactment of this incident. I was an actor hired to play Nancy, the neighbor who calls 911. In the audition, they asked me to […]

Films on Food, Food on Film by Norman C. Berns

The host of Reel Grok, Norman C. Berns–not obsessive by any means–has compiled this insanely long, though–he claims–only  partial list of foodie films. Go to and  search for “FOOD”.  Enjoy! And read Norman’s own blog at Producer’s Cut.

Spalding Gray: I’m a Few Years Late

It was surreal—I kept waiting to read that it was a performance piece. Couldn’t quite believe he was dead. It’s personally disappointing to me that a performer who had such connection with his audience and such success–that people wanted to pay to hear him –still could be suicidal.

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