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The List, Part Twelve

Films Which Have Cats “The Last Picture Show.”  Jacy had a cat.  She was mean to the cat.  Pushed the cat off the bed.  Jacy was mean to a lot of boys, too.  Men were mean to Jacy.  Goes around, comes around.  Later Cybill Shepherd had an affair with Peter Bogdanovich and he left his […]

The Self Referential List, Part Eleven

Films about actors as people, but, yet, the films are not about acting as a career, art or craft: they’re about the characters’ (who happen to be actors) personal struggles Annie Hall. Wacked out actress dates wacked out writer.  Then she moves to Hollywood to live with wacked out producer.  Then she moves back to […]

The Self Referential List, Part Ten

Films about other performers & entertainers, those not in the movies or on stage The Night Listener. Radio personality goes on a journey that turns hallucinogenic.   The Band’s Visit. About a band, duh.  This is one of the most delightful films of 2008.  It’s about an Egyptian band that gets lost while visiting Israel […]

The Self Referential List, Part Eight

Films about screenwriters In Search of a Midnight Kiss Guy: aspiring screenwriter, a loser slacker.  Girl: a loser smoker who wants to be an actor but doesn’t go on auditions.  Film:  a loser film altogether.  But not horrible.  Just lame.   Barton Fink Flames.  Up in flames.  Down in flames.  Flames as metaphor.  You know, […]

The Self Referential List, Part Seven

Films about making films 1.       For Your Consideration 2.       Day for Night 3.       The Player 4.       Searching for Debra Winger 5.       Bulworth (briefly) 6.       Con Man.  Horrible.  Could only watch 26 minutes.  Nothing happens.

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