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The Self Referential List, Part Three

Films about making films A Star is Born. They made this one 3 times already.  It was not very interesting; it’s self-serving; it was predictable and uninspired all 3 times. I hear that they are considering a 4th version.   Mistress. My database says I saw this, but it was so unmemorable that I had […]

The Self Referential List, Part Two

Films about making theater Waiting for Guffman.  This film about community theater was just as touching as its independent film-themed counterpart, Living in Oblivion.  Not touching in a fake, schmaltzy, tear-jerker, vapid, predictable, wholesome Miracle on 48th Street way, but in a cry, cry, sob because “I’ve been there” way.  I’ve had all those unvoiced […]

The Self Referential List, Part One

Films about making films Living in Oblivion.  Captures the heart and reality of independent filmmaking.  Everything that is important fits into this movie: the affairs on set; the broken equipment, the ingénue who can’t quite get it right, the mother-in-law; even the Midget Dream Sequence.  And it all fits…it’s not a series of gags; it’s […]

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