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Food in the belly soaks up anxiety.  Eat to keep from feeling the pain.  The uncertainty, the anxiety of chaos and abandonment.  The uncertainty.  The unclearness of the path.  The anticipation.   The one certain thing is that I can put food in my mouth whenever I feel bad.   It deadens pain, but it […]

Letters from My Readers

My reader, the pseudonymous Honey, writes about my column “Tit Girl on TV” (see yesterday’s post): “I don’t see a problem with God (Jesus), breasts (tits), and cooking (food). One of the most prominent pictures we have of God (Jesus) is the Last Supper. This is all about sharing food with your fellow revolutionaries. Breasts […]

Tit Girl on TV

I was hired to produce a bad, bad television show. It was so bad that my client was going to PAY the local station to broadcast it. Ya, that’s called an infomercial, not a television show, dude. How bad was it? Well, to start, this guy’s definition of “actress” is: any woman with large breasts, […]


I vow from this day forward never again to work with anyone who does not respect the gifts I bring as an artist.

Meisner Technique, Part One Zillion

Sandy Meisner was a famous acting coach and not-so-famous actor.  Some of his students were Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, Jon Voight, Kim Basinger, Sandra Bullock, Syndey Pollack and Philip Seymour Hoffman.  There is a famous tale (at least, a tale famous in the acting & film community) of Sandy playing a minor role on stage, […]

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