Archive | March, 2011

I Am Creating My Own

  In addition to writing my own stuff, part of creating my own is having a discussion with other artists about the role of theater & film artists with regard to social issues. My frustration is that the level of the discussion has sometimes been limited to off-the-cuff comments such as “political plays can be […]


Perhaps there are situations on stage where you can’t listen to another character.   At these times you need to have something to do, some reason to be on stage.  Sanford Meisner defined this reason as your independent activity.  It’s some task a character very much—even desperately–needs to do, without any regard to other characters […]

My Life Sucks, Part One

I remember joining my first online acting discussion list group listserv chat room bulletin board way back in the early 90s or some-such date.   I introduced myself (to the then-extant Acting-L) with a big whiney post about how my life sucked and I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do artistically in life bla […]

People I Hate

People who crackle their candy wrappers in the movies People in walkers with oxygen tanks, puffing a cigarette People who talk at the movies Fat people riding carts in grocery store, with a pack of smokes in their pocket People who laugh at sit-coms People shopping at Nordstrom, stepping over homeless people as if they […]

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