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Small-Town Filmmakers

‘Spose it’s my day to be snotty. Well, Michelle, when is it ever NOT your day to be snotty?     Stupid filmmakers are the ones who ask their rich uncle for money to shoot their film. Then they rent a super fancy schmancy expensive gee-whiz crane for one overhead shot. Then, they run out […]

Lies and Damned Lies

  Why I quit skydiving   My fear came back I ran out of money I felt I had learned the basics I didn’t want to advance to the next level, which is “relative work”, meaning you work in choreography with other skydivers. Many of them are cowboys with testosterone poisoning (even the women) and […]


Today I got up at 3:00 AM to scout locations. Drove 300 miles, sweating with a fever, looking for a perfect place to replace the location that said, “No.” Nothing was perfect. Mt. Rainier was very close to good: I took a ton of test footage; but it’s so far away that it will cost […]

Boy Films

Can’t stop being nasty in my blog. Now that I once again have something nasty to say, I’m writing another entry. Name-Changed-To-Protect-Me-From-Harm-Dustin made a film this summer. It was, unfortunately, the same film he’d made 10 years ago. And only the second film he’d ever made. In Name-Changed-Dustin’s first 10-minute film, a drug dealer shoots […]

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