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Today I scouted an exterior location. The owners of the property are willing to work with us; they may even have wolves we can film. They are lovely wonderful people. I am afraid, however, that my Director and Cinematographer will say the shots are not cinematic enough. It certainly is not as spectacular as the […]

Am I a Bitch?

Today I had coffee (well, neither of us drank, but we met in a coffee shop) with a collaborator on one of my films. All-About-Me is co-writer, co-actor and co-producer with me on this project.   I yelled at All-About-Me because I am doing all the Producer work on this film. I told All-About-Me to […]

Progress Report: Slow

Some parts of this project are going too slowly and some are going too fast.  Nothing is proceeding as my project plan has decreed that it should. The editing is still…donkey slow. We are only on the second revision of the edit, six months after wrapping principal photography.   The search for a producer is […]

Co-Producers of the Indie Persuasion

After the read-through,it’s clear that Act 2 is too long and by Act 3 the protag hasn’t taken enough of a journey. I try to get my co-writer/co-producer to work on the rewrite. “When can we rewrite?” “I’m in Poopoo’s film; I’m in Doodoo’s film; I’m acting in the 24 hour film challenge; I’m trying […]

I Found My Notes

Today, looking through old material to stimulate my mind for the Reel Grok column, I found my notes—an hourly diary of sorts—from a teaser shoot of many years ago.  While writing the screenplay, we shot a 2-minute preview-trailer as part of a fundraising package to get money to shoot the whole film. We ignorantly shot […]

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