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The Million Dollar Crane

ExperienceDefinitely/beneficial Of course, there are advantages that come from being bold, not knowing what you “cannot” do; being unafraid to experiment; being creatively & intellectual free from preconceived limits.  Sometimes a brilliant work will come from an untrained mind. In film, though, more often, lack of experience leads to failure of the project.  One meaning […]

Random Notes From A Run-N-Gun Shoot Diary

The 3rd day of shooting went well. We actually had a grip working on set–what a concept.   The owner of the space, about whom we were all worried, ended up being fine with us shooting there all night. The bizarre thing was—this scene was shot in an Internet gaming club.  The patrons paid absolutely […]


So, here I sit in my studio apartment.  Trying to rewrite.  Trying to produce.  Trying to figure out if I should buy the software and edit the trailer myself.  Trying to find a job. Is it stupid to take a PA job with ElimiDATE?  A reality show with big-busted young blonde chicks.  And chest-shaven young […]


Today I met with a great sound designer.  He has been in bands and recorded his music for years; and is now getting into film sound. Today I met a sculptor / digital artist who wants to help with production design. Today I talked to an experienced film production designer who wants to help. Today […]

Dear Readers

Dear Readers, What Would You Like to See in Future Blogs? Yes, I suppose, if you beg me, I could tell you the story of The film which never got shot The one that didn’t get out of post The one which went over budget The one where the director had a meltdown and yelled […]

Whoops, There Goes My Budget

I am a purse snatcher in a low budget feature. How low…I don’t remember if I ever knew the budget because I was an actor in this one, not a producer although since it’s a small town I tried to ask around just out of curiosity to see what the budget was so I would […]

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