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Once More unto the Breach

I stand in awe of all the artists who brought their gifts to my film.  In awe of the creative artistry in this town and the wonderful, collaborative spirit that has brought so many photographers, videographers, graphic designers, illustrators, animators and film editors to offer to work on my first script as a writer-producer.   […]

The Indie Flake-Out Awards, Part Two

Some days I like rectal surgery better than indie film   …Continued from yesterday …none of these aforementioned egregious flake-outs wins the statuette.  The  award for Biggest Crew Flake-Out for The Teaser Shoot for The Indie Film “Pending” goes to Set Designers.  The whole sub-species of Set Designers is included because we went through eight […]

The Indie Flake-Out Awards

These peeps will never get a paid gig in film My co-producer and I are at a coughing shop…drinking java and laughing so hard we are coughing.  And spraying all over each other.  We have just finished making a two minute trailer for an indie filmmaker.  It all was so outré—so many unprofessional and incredible […]

My Commune Fired Me

Went to a party last week. A Sweet-Young-Chickie sat next to me and told me that she broke up with her Not-Working-Boyfriend and moved out of her group housing situation. Not-Working-Boyfriend is still living in the group housing with all the roommates and Sweet-Young-Chickie is still financially supporting him, though they have split up. She’s […]

Shooting People

Clara gets a newsletter called  “Shooting People” from a cinematographer’s group in the UK.   Clara’s hubby saw the newsletter’s title. “What kind of maniacs do you hang out with? !  Is this some kind of murder-for-hire? You’re scaring me.”

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