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Film versus Movies

  Here’s a post from a while back…   In Blockbuster Video last night, the clerk did not know who Fellini was. “How do you spell that? Oh, a foreign film.” For almost 25 years, i have cherished my pick for worst movie of all time. It was Zuma Beach, a C-movie about bathing suits […]

Character Sketches

In our short history as independent screenwriters slash independent producers, my partner and used to write character sketches after the script was finalized. We would make them available, rather than give them, to the director and the actors.   Some directors, the ones I label “Visual Directors” were not a bit interested in the sketches.  […]

Sawing the Air: Bad Acting

I did an internship I did with Shakespeare Santa Cruz. We were in class doing the R & J balcony scene with various permutations of players.   I was playing the scene with a man who was sawing the air too much. He put one hand on his hip, struck a pose, and lifted his […]


The director should know how each actor works, how to get the best out of each actor and when there’s nothing more to be gotten.  Yesterday i learned how a director can screw up an actor. Our director did take after take with most actors (6 to 12 takes for most scenes); yet with one […]


George Lucas, following him around.   My friend Venky had convinced him to spend a day with me.   But he wasn’t taking me seriously as an actor.   He kept bringing in actors who were “working the ropes” by going through agents.   I wondered what I was doing wrong because I had made […]

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