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Change happens slowly.  And then, all of a sudden, it happens fast. I’ve been on a more-or-less carbo reduction plan and a more-or-less detox diet for 3 years.  All of a sudden-no trigger; out of the blue; finally—yesterday, for the first time in my life, without conscious effort, I stopped eating when there was still […]

Letters from My Readers: Lost

Dear Michelle,   Humans seem to want things to be answered, as in final answer. Tie everything together into one neat package so as to be easily understood. Knowledge is part of change and change is part of knowledge. This knowledge can only come about as a result of action, an experiment, a contact with […]

The Last Lost Rant

A kitty is coming to live with me.  Soon, right after my surgery.  Hubby finally said yes, he wants one, too.  We will go to the shelter and pick out a girl cat who likes to sit in laps and butt foreheads.  Maybe we will get two kitties.  Maybe we will get a puppy, too.  […]

Lost, the Final Season Rant #9

Hubby was always making excuses for the evil women on “Lost.” For example: “Oh, Nikki is not that bad.  She only killed one guy.  What about Cheney?  He is responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands.” Or: “Oh, I am getting to understand Juliet now that they are showing her back story.  She had […]

Lost, the Final Season Rant #8

MYTHOLOGY The real reason that the final season of “Lost” is so confusing and dissatisfying is that the writers got lost: the show does not have an internally consistent mythology. Blake Snyder (of “Save The Cat” fame) writes about Double Mumbo Jumbo.  Blake was called “one of Hollywood’s most successful spec screenwriters” by  Blake has […]

Lost: A Summary, Rant #7

Why is it important to have an internally consistent mythology?  Why do I harp on “Lost” for mixing up multiple forms of mumbo-jumbo?  Characters need a world in which they can conduct their own search for themselves and their own meaning.  They need to have something stable but flexible to push against, to test themselves […]

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