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Lost, the Final Season Rant #6 Major Gripes

REPEATS INSTEAD OF ORIGINALITY More Others; more people we don ‘t know what they’re doing; more mysterious people giving orders to the previous Top Guys, more shooting;, more lost in the jungle;  and more getting caught in traps. Claire becomes a repeat of the dead Danielle.  Locke becomes Man in Black.  Jack becomes Locke. More […]

Lost, the Final Season Rant #5 LAZY Writing

  Lazy Writing For the first 3 or 4 or even 5 years I really dug “Lost.” In a purely joyful way,  it was mysterious, fun, sexy, plot- twisting.  The editing is clean, smooth, and classic.  I enjoy mind-games of “The Prisoner” sort. Good mix of guns, cleverness, mystery, and hunky men with no shirts […]

Lost, the Final Season Rant #4

Dear Creators, Producers & Writers of “Lost,” I demand that you answer the following CRITICAL questions by the end of this final season: Are we going to get resolution to the mystery of Charles & Daniel: how people can manage to meet their parents in the past? I want to know what happened to the […]

Lost, the Final Season Rant #2

This week I have set aside all my other work in order to (don’t call me obsessive-compulsive) catch up on all the Lost episodes before the end of the final season.  I can’t remember all the confusing shit they told us in the beginning of the series and I can’t remember all the questions to […]

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