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Lost, the Final Season

A PUSSY CAT A cat!  I found a cat!   In Season 3, Episode “Enter 77” at about 9 minutes and 50 seconds.  A pretty gray tabby cat!  I am so thrilled.   And again at 16:32. Now, a different cat–a rescue–at 36:40. And the pretty gray again at 42:30. Some say kitty is a […]

Day Jobs, Part II: Oops, Just Remembered I Was Fired

It’s been such a busy week that I completely forgot I was canned. Been so busy writing about important stuff like my film, counter-recruitment at high schools and the book I’m editing. Met a great artist, too: Andrew Miller, who is going to make me a thematic image for Exit Strategy the film. Apparently (back […]

Video Producer

Perfect, perfect. What kind of part-time day job can an actor-screenwriter-indie producer get that not only pays MEGA bucks; but also lets her develop her film-making skills?  And even better…even better…doesn’t mind if she gets a little artsty and creative with her work? Well, video producer, you say…but not for some boring corporation or trite […]

Delicate, Sensitive, Balanced Instrument

I’m in a room which I’ve been renting at the top of the stairs in an old house.  I must pack in a hurry and move out of the house; if I don’t, something terrible will happen to me. There’s only one closet full of clothes, but it seems to be endless.  How will I […]

Cherry & Willy

No, not the title of my porn flick. The tale of Cherry & Willy is a tale of delusion, of hard work, of disdain, of ignorance, of talent, of ideas, of paper.  Cherry & Willy is an allegory for the sad state of disrespect accorded the screenwriting craft and the joyful soaring of Storyteller within […]

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