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Starving Artist Writes Recession Poetry

Yeah, yeah, how lazy can one person be?!?!? She is still refusing to write new blogs.   HOWEVER.   By broad and tumultuous acclaim, these senryu are being re-published for you.   At no charge.   TwitterHaiku 15: Starbucks is posting // Calories. Who cares? I need // Starbucks to post jobs. //   TwitterHaiku […]

Cranial Rectal Syndrome, Part II

  Since your dear columnist, mentor, psychic guide, beneficiary of your will and soon-to-be-sainted Michelle still has her head up her ass and refuses to write new blogs, here we bring you a readers’ favorite re-run.   Dear Michelle, What do you know about Horse Actors?  Mr. Ed was a hack!  He used a teleprompter.  […]

Cranial Rectal Syndrome, Part I

Sorry to report that Michelle is currently disabled discommoded discombobulated with Cranial Rectal Syndrome.  The layman’s term for this disease is “she has her head stuck up her ass.” So. We bring you a favorite post from last year instead of something new. DEAR ACTORS, HERE IS HOW NOT TO GET CAST: You poor, broke-ass, […]


I’m really moved, in a bad way, by the way we use creatures for our own entertainment.  Use them in advertising.  Don’t see them as individuals.  Don’t respect them to allow them to have free lives the way they want to live.  We remove their environment.  We fetishize them.  The gorilla playing the drums: he […]

Reality TV, Before I Knew

Well, this article on how they shoot and edit reality TV scared the shit out of me. I would not be able to be a reality TV editor. All that work, wading through footage of idiots on camera.

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