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Business versus Art. Aw, shit, not THAT again.

Can you operate in the world using both incisive thinking and creativity?  Can you do it simultaneously?  Or must you do it serially?  Are emotion and intellect trying to crowd each other out of our poor, overburdened brains?  Is bi-hemispheric thinking possible? Yeah, yeah, I know.  Over-simplification of the issue. For many years I had […]

Editing Robert’s Book

Julia Cameron says in “The Artist’s Way” that if you’re doing peripheral support of the arts–gallery manager, casting director–then you probably are a blocked artist. Well, maybe that’s true; but nonetheless I enjoy supporting artists as well as being a generative and interpretive artist. Robert is an acting coach whom I’ve known online for 15 […]

Some people do not get it

There are some folks who just are NOT interested in the moving image. They must be all about the web or chocolate or sex or their butts or lubeOilFilter, because when I talk to them and say,   “I was on this or that TV show,” or “I worked on this or that film,” they […]


By-the-book directors yell, “Action,” even if there isn’t much action in the scene, even if it’s a contemplative scene, or a love scene, or a quiet conversation, or just an ECU of a reaction. The more sensitive directors, respectful of the actor’s instrument, say, “When you’re ready.”

Cat Shit Attitude

You know how your dog eats cat “candies” out of the litter box and then gets Cat Shit Breath?   Well, today I have Cat Shit Attitude.   So, I thought I’d re-publish this column from last year that sums up how I feel this month.   Some people say you don’t have to be […]

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