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Producing, Oy Vey

A series of phone conversations with two friends.   Druid is producing her first independent short (a 3-minute teaser with a $3000 budget) in a small city and Anil is producing a celebrity benefit concert extravaganza (probably will cost $800,000 to produce) with Hollywood folks.   Druid is two weeks away from her shoot date.  […]


Sometimes restrictions are just falsely restricting.  Maybe that’s why spoken word artists want to break free of rhyme and meter and go with other forms of tonal beauty—alliteration, onomatopoeia, beat, the visual aspects of the performance. Something you can get very formal and it can become an exercise in structure rather than meaning. Like my […]

Everyone Wants A Piece of You

An entertainment lawyer hooked me up with a film sales agent who handles Europe.  The sales agent read my treatment and said he could sell it into distribution overseas.   He could even give me pre-sales numbers to show my investors.  It’s important to show potential investors some indication that your film will actually sell. I […]

My favorite Lines from Films Both Good and Bad

“Doody!” “I projected myself to the end of my life in some vague rendition of my old man self.  I imagined looking back with a tremendous hole of regret in my heart.” “Nobody calls Dugan a turd.” “– she’s my daughter. — she’s my sister —- she’s my daughter. — my sister. My daughter, my […]

Curating as Art

What artists of various types do, as they post collections of links on FaceBook, is CURATING. A new type of curating. I see the collection of your posts as a curated show, reflecting your taste in art.

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