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The Artist Doesn’t Always Know

One of the characteristics of great art is that it can evoke emotions in the viewer of which the artist had no awareness when she created the piece. My friend Stephanie Golino, an amazing playwright, always thinks her pieces are musically & balletically lighthearted; yet I and other audience members often find sadness and separation […]

The Cavemen Had Storytellers, Too

As performing artists, our role has been, since the cave-dwelling days, to channel the fears of our communities (however they are defined by the appropriate era) back to the community members, and to throw some hope, love, and explanations of a better way into the mix before we feed it back.  Performers and storytellers used […]

Unbalanced Actor Writes Haiku about The Mystery

It hurts tears shreds me // Gouges huge chunks from my soul // You ignore my art //     Dry shell empty husk // When you take away my art // You kill what is me //     Human emotions // Channeled by storytellers // Revealed through corpus //

Unbalanced Actor Writes Haiku about The Life

At South By Southwest // I split a motel room with // Four goddam zombies //   Wardrobe BestBoy Grip // TenOneHundred Props TenKay // Random Gaff HeyYou  //   David, acting coach, // Proclaimed himself deity // Us, his worshippers //   Acting class.  Take five.  // Everyone standing outside. // Stretching limbs, smoking. […]


So, I decided that before I could write my blog, before I could work on my four unfinished—languishing—screenplays, before I could call my costume designer for my one-woman live performance piece, before I could start working on my German accent for Nancy’s film…I must. MUST Organize my entire life. You may say this is a […]

When Does the Knitting Start?

I’m sorry.  I kept procrastinating writing this column.  Sorry, Norman.  Sorry, readers.   Waiting for the perfect unstructured time to write.  The perfect blog post.   There is no perfect.  Art must go on.  Sometimes, just anything…just a start.  There can’t be rewrites without first a draft.   And, you know what?  Sometimes the draft […]

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