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Unbalanced Actor Writes Haiku about Performing Grand practitioner // Of truth in performing arts // Rachel Rosenthal //   One man didn’t clap // He must have hated the show // My work must have stunk //   Someone’s not laughing // Am I saying my lines wrong? // I’m spoiling the show //   […]


Here are some diary pages from about a year ago while I was struggling with rewrites for “Exit Strategy,” interspersed with my current comments on said diary pages.   Now that my co-writer has decided she can’t help produce, I’m sole producer, which is the role for which I’m least suited.   MS 2010: No […]

Comedy Is Sad, Part Two

When I go to a gathering, and there is an offensive party, I like to jump right in and try to be more annoying than the offensive person or more offensive than the obnoxious person. At the very minimum, I like to push at least one person into the punch or the dog’s water dish […]

Comedy Is Sad

I’m a famous movie star. I’m only here because I just dropped in. I’m a rich executive. I’ve got boats, diamonds. I’m a neurosurgeon. I’m a poet laureate. James Thurber, “Is Sex Necessary?” 1929, answers all meaningful questions about the topic. I used to worry that the seedy clerk at the seedy store where I […]

New Career Goals

Right now, at this very moment, I am impassioned to make the following my new life’s work:   To disprove the Second Law of Thermodynamics.   Second Law of  Thermodynamics states that–it’s not really important–in any closed system; that is, a system without any contact with the outside world, the amount of entropy can not […]

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