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Art: Random Musings

Art vs. Intellect Yes, the two are intertwined; human learning & growth can’t be surgically separated into left brain / right brain. It is, however, the main focus of art to appeal through the emotions (not excluding intellect) and the main focus of discourse/ lengthy speeches/ print media/ etc. to appeal via the intellect (not […]

To Comedy Or Not to Comedy

Yeah, I guess i should get off my (bare naked nude sex sexy breasts boobs hardcore teenage-barely-legal) ass and perform my half-written latest comedy routine. My acting coaches have been trying to train me to stay away from my comfort zone, the easy work,  the familiar—-which for me is the ability to make people laugh–and […]

Editors Can Hurt You

Directors reading this are probably thinking, “Editors can save you!” Yes, they can. However, this column today is directed at actors.  Actors reading this may or may not know that editors can hurt an actor.  Kill an actor.  An editor can make an actor look good or she can remove a poor actor entirely from […]

Letters from My Readers

Dear Michelle, You are kidding, right? Your reader Dear Reader, No. Michelle Dear Michelle, You really think your writing partner should quit going to auditions  so she can work on your screenplay? Your Reader Dear Reader, Yes. Michelle Dear Michelle, You really think your writing partner should give up time with her family to work […]

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